Our People


Working within Wood Group Kenny is an incredible journey, full of technical and environmental challenges. To show you just how rich and diverse that is, we gathered people from all disciplines and asked them about our culture, why they joined us, how they have experienced us to date and where they see themselves as their careers progress. They didn't see the questions beforehand, their answers are unscripted and we think you'll find them illuminating:

Kerrie Beech, Lead Pipeline Engineer

I started my career with J P Kenny as a graduate pipeline design engineer in Perth over 15 years ago. After exploring other opportunities, I returned to working with J P Kenny 5 years ago, but this time as a Lead Engineer in a part time role the Melbourne office. When my family decided to return to Perth, J P Kenny were able to find a role for me here, and at the same time accommodate my extended period of time off while we got the family resettled.

J P Kenny has provided me with many opportunities, ranging from a short-time secondment in their UK office to working on the largest subsea pipeline development within Australia. JPK has been successful in establishing an effective communication network between their various offices in Europe, Asia and America’s, and this knowledge sharing has allowed me to access technical support and lessons learnt from many of the many international projects that the group has been involved in.

Eu Jeen Chin, Design Engineer

I started at JP Kenny as a junior engineer and had the privilege to work in one of the largest oil and gas projects in WA. The project has given me the opportunity to use what I’ve learnt at university and immediately apply my skills to engineering design. It has been at times very challenging but at those same times extremely rewarding. I’ve had the pleasure working alongside a motivated and diverse group of people which I believe is a testament to my current professional development. With JPK’s Mentoring Programme and the Young Engineers Triton Group I’ve found the added support I needed as a junior member of the team. The working environment is great and I also like the fact that there is the opportunity to travel both to site as well as to one of many JP Kenny offices located around the world.

Liam Blair,

I decided to move to Perth in July 2011, and relocated over with my fiancé. It was the weather and opportunity for a new career path which enticed me over. The move itself was very straight forward with minimal work required. All we had to do was decide what ‘not’ to take with us and step on the flights. Jackets, hats/gloves, de-icing scrapers and snow shovels were all left behind. JP Kenny (Wood Group) arranged a moving agent to pack up all of our goods who did just that, quite literally, themselves. Flights were booked and upon arrival we moved into temporary accommodation which was comfortable, central and suitably close to the office, within easy walking distance. Within ten days, a local agent with specialised knowledge of the area, helped us locate a permanent property where we currently reside. The entire transition process was suspiciously smooth and easy. Perth itself is a very nice clean city with an excellent public transport system. The sun shines almost all day every day and the atmosphere at work and around the city is friendly and courteous. A city i’d recommend for sure.

Andy Byne,

I've just finished a stint offshore and guess what, we had an awkward job with heavy weather and it was even chilly on a couple of mornings and boy oh boy when it rained it came down in buckets!!, Most of the time though the sun was shining and we were continually surrounded by wildlife, Whales, Dolphins, and Turtles to name but a few. The camaraderie and teamwork offshore is superb, just like it was in Aberdeen and life in the office is the same with an awful lot of familiar faces from back home. That's the job and I'm absolutely loving it.