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Inspiring success and enterprise

Inspiring careers

Welcome to Thornaby Academy Careers

The Academy is establishing itself as a centre of excellence in the North East region and we are developing the capacity to support improvement, innovation and collaboration with our community.

We are totally committed to using our resources and abilities to deliver the highest standards in the Academy and to support the success and outstanding achievement of all our staff, students and stakeholders. We work closely with our lead sponsor, Teesside University and co-sponsors, Stockton VIth Form College, Stockton Riverside College and Stockton Borough Council to ensure the provision at the academy promotes our statement of 'Inspiring Success and Enterprise'. The Academy’s vision, ethos, personalised curriculum, commitment to work with partners to provide a seamless learning experience and its relentless focus on the attainment of every young person will ensure that all its students achieve success and become 'qualified', confident and independent learners.

At the Academy I am seeking nothing less than the total transformation of teaching and learning, the creation of a truly innovative 21st century learning environment through our re-modelled buildings and a fresh approach to the curriculum that will have a huge and positive impact on student outcomes. As a Business and Enterprise Academy we are developing core learning and social competencies as key drivers for our ethos, mission and values. Our students learn how to influence their environment, shape their learning pathway and determine their future.

Transformational new technology is central to our building plans, the curriculum and our community regeneration work. All staff and students will benefit from the development of an exciting Digital Media and Business Centre at the Academy.

Since becoming an Academy in 2010 we have seen a real impact on student results. In 2012, 99% of our students achieved at least 5A*-C qualifications, 10% achieved the Ebacc group of subjects and we had one of the highest APS scores in the region. There are still challenges ahead but I know that the hard work and commitment of our team will continue to support all students and enable them to succeed.

If you wish to develop in a dynamic, supportive environment and be part of a team that is committed to being outstanding in all they do, I would encourage you to apply for a post at the Academy. I look forward to meeting you very soon.

Yours sincerely

Maryssa O’Connor

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