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About AstraZeneca

As a global biopharmaceutical company, our activities touch many people's lives.

We're one of the world's leading pharmaceutical companies. At AstraZeneca, innovation is about more than just research. We aim to stimulate continued creativity throughout our organization by encouraging a culture in which our people feel valued, energized and rewarded for their ideas and contribution to our success.

We support our people in discovering their own potential through excellent learning and development opportunities that are available at every stage of an individual's career. With a global business comes global responsibility. We aim to achieve consistently high standards of behavior worldwide, helping to find new ways of bringing benefit to society and ensuring that AstraZeneca continues to be welcomed as a valued member of the global community.

By furthering our achievement in these areas, we will secure a healthy future for our business - and continue to add value to the lives of people who benefit from our success.

For patients and physicians, we provide medicines for some of the world's most serious diseases.

For the people who pay for healthcare, we work to make sure that our medicines offer real value for money.

For our employees, we provide a culture in which they can feel appreciated, energised and rewarded for their contribution.

For our shareholders, we aim to deliver value through our continued focus on innovation and running our business efficiently.

For the wider community, we want to be valued for the contribution our medicines can make to society and trusted for the way in which we do business.

We work closely with all these groups to gain the insights we need to maintain a flow of life-changing medicines that make a real difference for patients in the fight against disease and which add value for our stakeholders and society.

With nearly 63,000 employees worldwide, we value the diverse skills and capabilities that a global workforce brings to our business.

We work continuously to align these skills and capabilities with strategic and operational needs, whilst maintaining high levels of employee engagement and commitment. The integration of responsible business thinking across all our activities is also a top priority.

Ours is a dynamic and challenging business environment - and a demanding one. We want our people to feel positive and enthusiastic about what they are doing, with a clear sense of purpose and confidence in their ability to meet the challenges. This means providing them with effective leadership, clear targets, open lines of communication, excellent learning and development opportunities and a healthy, safe and energising workplace - within a culture in which diversity is valued and individual success depends solely on personal merit and performance.

As well as our global Code of Conduct, we have a range of policies that underpin our commitment to our employees, including our global People, and Safety Health and Environment Policies.


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