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Tricity, Poland - Gdynia, Sopot, Gdańsk

The "Tricity" of Gdynia, Sopot, and Gdańsk is situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea with a total population of 750,000. The region is full of natural and historical attractions, and is famous among tourists as a thriving cultural centre hosting numerous events such as festivals, exhibitions and art shows.

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About Gdynia

Visiting the lively maritime town of Gdynia it is hard to believe that some eighty years ago it was a small village. Nowadays, this important harbour and business centre is bustling with life. Gdynia can be a great destination for anyone who wants to relax without giving up the advantages of a vibrating urban area with numerous entertainment opportunities, superb clubs and restaurants.

The great attractions of the city are two ship-museums, the frigate Dar Pomorza (The Gift of Pomerania) and the destroyer Blyskawica (The Lightning), while the Oceanographic Museum and Aquarium allow visitors to deepen their knowledge on the sea and its creatures. The city hosts two important cultural events, the Polish Feature Film Festival and Summer Jazz Days.
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About Gdańsk

This cheerful maritime city owes its present grandeur to a thousand years of Polish-German history, with a significant period of its participation in the Hanseatic League. Reflecting those times is the exclusive architecture of the Old Town, including the largest brick Gothic church in the world, known as the Mariacki Church. A home of Lech Walesa, in 1980 Gdansk witnessed the birth of Solidarity movement, bringing the end to communism in Eastern Europe.

Situated on the coast of the Baltic Sea, Gdansk is the capital city of Pomeranian region and a vital cultural and academic centre. The seaport and international airport make the city a significant transport hub with the direct connection to many European countries.
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About Sopot

Among all of the seaside resorts competing to be the summer capital of Poland, Sopot is by all means the most deserving one. Famous for the longest wooden pier in Europe, sunny beaches and zesty nightlife, the city is one of the most recognizable summer destinations in the country.

The smallest of the Tricity metropolis, Sopot has a population of only 40,000, a modest number in comparison with the two million tourists who visit the town every summer.

This town rarely sleeps, especially in summer when its clubs are crowded with people. Beside the bustling "Monciak" Boulevard, there are some charming peaceful areas where you may enjoy Art Nouveau villas, pleasant parks and forests cut through by gorgeous ravines. The atmosphere of the pre-war resort, like the one seen on old sepia postcards, can still be felt.

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