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) About Hays Digital Solutions

About Digital Solutions

Digital Solutions from Hays is an enhanced suite of candidate attraction techniques, designed to source elusive talent and showcase the employer brand of our clients.

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) Campaign portfolio

About Digital Solutions

We're proud to have developed bespoke recruitment campaigns for some of the world's biggest employers.

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) Campaign promotion

Job boards advertising

Our recruitment campaigns are supported by a wide range of traffic drivers, providing maximum exposure across digital media channels. From job board advertising and social media, to optimising our content for the best SEO, we utilise best practice in online resourcing.

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) Digital Premium

About Digital Premium

Digital Premium is our full employer branded bespoke solution with extensive job board advertising, creating an engaging candidate experience that will showcase your organisation as an employer of choice.

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) Digital Plus

Digital Plus

Our streamlined, low-cost talent acquisition product that doesn’t compromise on effectiveness. This innovative concept is based around a dedicated smartphone/tablet-enabled profile page, attracting "on-the-go" candidate applications to single job permanent vacancies.

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) Digital Onboarding

Digital Onboarding

Onboarding is the process of engaging with new recruits in the time period between offer and start date. Our online offering acts as an induction portal and contains all the relevant information that new hires need to effectively 'hit the ground running'.

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