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Onshore wind

RES Group is one of the world’s leading wind energy developers. Their core activity is the development and construction of medium to large-scale wind farms. RES has been leading the field in wind energy development worldwide for over 25 years.

RES possess all the skills and experience required to design, develop, build and operate a successful wind farm, from choosing sites and designing the project (for maximum power performance and minimum local impact), through the planning and consenting stage (including environmental assessment and financing), right up to the construction and operation of a generating wind farm. They ensure projects are designed to generate power at the most competitive prices.

The company is now operating in a number of established and emerging wind energy markets around the world with one of the largest development portfolios in the industry. They are prepared to consider many kinds of schemes under many kinds of conditions - along with their expertise they think it's this flexibility which has made them one of the fastest growing wind energy developers in the world.

About RES

Project development

In choosing their sites and designing their projects they involve local people, commission independent experts and use in-house technical and commercial expertise to ensure their projects are sympathetically integrated into their local environment as well as being economically competitive.

Choosing appropriate sites involves the consideration of a range of issues. These include environmental and social aspects such as local planning policies, environmental designations and proximity to homes, and also technical, engineering and economic considerations such as wind speeds, land availability, grid connection and ease of access.

Their development teams identify new markets, liaise with local partners, find potential sites, negotiate land rights and power purchase agreements, consult with local communities and experts, and take projects through the consenting process, all the time working with their technical, legal and financial teams on the design, financing, permitting and environmental assessment of the projects.     

Predicting the Wind

The development of wind farms that can generate electricity at the most competitive prices crucially depends on the ability to accurately predict the long term wind regime at the site and the energy production for the expected life of the wind farm. RES has developed techniques for long term wind speed & energy yield prediction and turbine layout optimisation over the last 20 years and applied these to more than 60 projects.

Long term wind climate predictions are carried out by RES by measuring wind speed and direction on site and correlating with a long term record of wind speeds. The energy yield prediction takes into account the site climatic conditions, local terrain and roughness changes, in order to calculate wind speed-up effects, obstacle effects such as due to forestry, wake effects due to interaction between turbines, and the power curves of the turbines considered. Any additional losses and the uncertainty of the energy yield prediction are estimated.

The turbine layout is then optimised for energy yield, using software developed in house, taking into account all environmental constraints and considering any constructional limitations. During the layout design process RES makes use of its expert knowledge in the assessment of acoustic immission levels and possible television interference at nearby habitations and of the visual impact locally, to protect the quality of the local environment.

Environmental Impact Assessment

The development of wind farms as a component of a sustainable energy supply strategy must go hand in hand with sensitive environmental design and planning. No energy technology is without its effect on the environment, but RES strives to develop projects that, as far as possible, have minimal impacts on local residents and the surrounding countryside, as well as the wider environment.

They choose their sites carefully to avoid potential effects on important wildlife and landscape areas and carry out Environmental Assessments which include ecological, archaeological, hydrological and socio-economic assessments. The Environmental Statements are an integral part of the layout design process, ensuring that our awareness of the environmental issues surrounding our development shapes the form the project takes.

Our Environmental Assessments are undertaken in consultation with statutory bodies and local representatives and RES undertake public consultation and exhibitions to disseminate information and to encourage a constructive dialogue.


A wide range of expert engineering skills are necessary to support the development, construction and operation of wind farms. Over the past 30 years RES Engineering has gained all the expertise necessary to support their wind farm business on a global scale.

Project Engineering

The project engineers provide all the engineering expertise during the development phase of a wind farm project. The access to site is thoroughly assessed to ensure smooth construction traffic for material deliveries as well as the turbine component deliveries along public roads.  They identify all the land take requirements and design the on-site infrastructure using 3D civil design tools. The design needs to be optimised and cost effective whilst taking into account development and environmental constraints.

Description: Onshore wind power engineering Description: Onshore wind power engineering Description: Onshore wind power engineering Description: Onshore wind power engineering

Grid Connections and Grid Code Compliance

RES has an in-depth knowledge and understanding of grid connections and grid code compliance. Securing grid capacity for projects is a vital part of the development phase that is managed by the team of highly experienced grid engineers. All generators connected to an electricity network must comply with stringent grid codes in order for the network to operate safely and efficiently. The grid engineers at RES have experience with grid compliance in a number of markets including GB, Northern Ireland, Republic of Ireland, Sweden, North America and Turkey.

Wind Turbine Engineering

The wind turbine engineers provide a common point of contact between RES and the wind turbine supplier to prepare the technical specification and manage design interfaces. They track delivery and quality assurance issues to ensure that the turbines are deliver on programme and to specification.

Wind Farm Detailed Design

RES undertakes all electrical, SCADA and civil designs using an in-house team of design engineers with considerable experience.

The wind farm electrical system design considers the complete system from the wind turbine through to the point of connection to the grid. Due to the increasing complexity of modern wind turbines and the demands of the grid codes, RES has developed capabilities with steady state and transient electrical analysis using software packages such as DigSILENT and PSS/E.


Description: Onshore wind power engineering Description: Onshore wind power engineering Description: Onshore wind power engineering Description: Onshore wind power engineering

The design of the wind farm SCADA and associated communication systems is critical for the effective control and monitoring of the wind farm which is playing an ever increasing role in achieving compliance with grid code. RES has developed its own wind farm grid controller to provide temperature dependent dynamic line rating as well as frequency, voltage and reactive power control.

RES has a strong team of civil design engineers and undertakes the design of most of the wind turbine foundations in-house. Their foundation design basis has been refined over many years to produce an optimised design that has been approved by Det Norske Veritas (DNV).

Turbine Technology and Reliability Engineering

As an owner of wind farms, RES knows that the evaluation and selection of the turbine technology is a key element in managing life time risks. They have expertise in specifying the detailed environmental conditions which enable them to choose the right turbine technology for a given site.

Their turbine technology engineers are also equipped to investigate major failures, working alongside the equipment supplier to establish the root cause of failure, to assist with warranty claims and to ensure that any proposed retrofit is a long-term solution for the project.

With over 600MW of turbines in the RES fleet, the reliability engineers are constantly developing new ways to analyse SCADA data and make the best use of condition monitoring and preventative maintenance techniques to optimise the long term performance and value of our assets.


RES has constructed a substantial portfolio of wind farms - numbering more than 60 to date - the majority as turnkey projects. This represents over 4GW of installed capacity.  More than 1,000MW is currently under construction around the world.

Recent projects include onshore wind farms in France, the USA, Sweden and Scotland. RES is currently involved in the construction of offshore wind energy off the coast of Lincolnshire in the UK.  Our offshore team has supported the delivery of onshore and offshore works for Lynn and Inner Dowsing (194MW) for the owner Centrica and has developed and is providing engineering and construction support for the larger Lincs offshore wind farm nearby.

Our construction team builds projects on behalf of other developers as well as for RES. The turnkey approach ensures a cost-effective and efficient service with just one point of contact between the client and contractor. They have helped to establish industry standards by completing our wind farms on short construction timetables, on time and within budget.

The construction of a wind farm typically takes between 6 and 12 months. It is RES's policy to use local contractors, for example for civil engineering works, wherever possible.

Description: RES Wind Farm Construction Description: RES wind farm construction Description: RES wind farm construction Description: RES Wind farm construction

Legal & commercial package

The development of a renewable energy project requires many inputs, an important element of which is the commercial package required for construction of the new generating facility. RES has the in-house skills and close links with banks, finance houses, insurers, manufacturers, consultants and legal specialists necessary to allow them to put together the best financing arrangements for a particular project. Combine this with their technical, engineering and environmental expertise and RES is able to bring extra value to all its projects.

The RES in-house team of legal and commercial experts is involved in all aspects of the life-cycle of our wind and other renewable energy projects, as well as the day-to-day business of the company.

The legal group advises on compliance with applicable laws, working with local experts where appropriate. They are also responsible for preparing and negotiating a wide variety of commercial contracts relating to the development, construction and operation of renewable energy projects.

The commercial group works with banks and financial institutions to secure short and long-term funding for wind and other renewable energy projects. They also negotiate with the power supply companies on power purchase agreements, and advise the company on the viability of merchant versus long-term electricity sale arrangements.

RES has negotiated several major financing deals with international banks to cover the refinancing of existing investments and the construction and term financing of new renewable energy projects. Such agreements have enabled RES to finance further significant growth of its wind-powered generation business, as well as providing a platform for its expansion into other renewable energy technologies.
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