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Why work at Northfleet Technology College?

Northfleet Technology College provides high quality education for all young people in the age range 11-18 year old. Young people’s achievements are at the centre of our beliefs. Northfleet Technology College is a supportive, caring and exciting place to learn. We believe that everyone is an individual, with individual skills, abilities and needs. As an inclusive school, we value all young people individually and everybody’s contribution to our school and each other’s lives. Mutual respect and equality of opportunity are central to our values. We work to offer students the greatest opportunities for themselves as individual. We have a wide range of activities and a curriculum entitlement, which will extend the horizons, and the achievements of our young people throughout their lives.

Northfleet Technology College aims to value and respect pupils and work together as a close-knit team, enabling pupils to achieve their full potential. The school places good relationships, care for each other and a friendly working atmosphere alongside a determination that nothing but the best will do for the students: the best teachers, the best facilities and the best results that they are capable of.


“There are excellent opportunities for staff self-development and professional development.”

“There is an abundance of help and support from a variety of departments and people.”

“The pastoral care for the students is great.”

“I like the students; they are lovely!”

“There are many young members of staff.”

“It is a great learning environment for students and staff.”

“NTC is an excellent place to work. The people and learning environment are inspiring and encourages much thought about how we work and learn.”

“A state of the art teaching environment with extensive teacher support.”

“I found that the support that I received as an NQT was excellent. There is an extensive programme of teacher training and that I found invaluable. “

“The excellent sports facilities provided at NTC means that all students have a wide range of opportunities to achieve success, both during lessons and from the extensive extra-curricular timetable. “

“Working at NTC is vibrant and exciting, the overwhelming factors that makes NTC an excellent place to work is, open zones, Team teaching and the wider use of technology. Also the staff at NTC have a close camaraderie and are very supportive of each other, across all departments.”

“From my perspective I have found NTC to be very forward thinking in its curriculum and support for the boys and staff and an absolute delight to work with. (It must be as I leave at 5:15 every morning and do a round trip of five hours. ) The CPD opportunities and continuous evolutionary, innovative teaching and learning practice is exemplary notwithstanding the new build facilities! I love being here! “

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