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‘Helping the nation spend wisely.’

About the National Audit Office
The National Audit Office (NAO) scrutinises public spending on behalf of Parliament, helping it to hold government departments to account and helping public service managers improve performance and service delivery. 

We audit the financial statements of all central government departments, agencies and other public bodies and report the results to Parliament. In addition, our value-for-money studies - we publish about 60 each year - look at how government projects, programmes and initiatives have been implemented. They contain recommendations on how services can be improved.

Our audit of central government has two main aims. By reporting the results of our audits to Parliament, we hold government departments and bodies to account for the way they use public money, thereby safeguarding the interests of taxpayers. In addition, our work aims to help public service managers improve performance and service delivery.

Help for the Public Services

We apply our knowledge and expertise directly to audit clients helping them to improve performance.
Our strategy is based on the recurring issues we have found most frequently across government: informed government – making better use of information; financial management and reporting - improving the allocation and control of public money; cost-effective delivery – improving decision-making and driving out waste.

For more information about the National Audit Office, please visit: www.nao.org.uk