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Europe is undeniably a book of many chapters promising and delivering an immense diversity of cultural experiences. An ever-expanding entity, it is fair to describe Europe as the cradle of western civilisation and home to some of the world’s greatest philosophers, writers, artists, musicians and architects.

Europe is very much the destination of the culturally discerning and is a particularly popular destination for those teachers wishing to expand on their experience in an international setting. After all it is situated only a short plane or train ride away.

Schools in Europe

A combination of long-established and newly opened International and British schools make up the scene in Europe and whilst English is the first language for many of these schools, you will find that schools cater for up to 45 different nationalities. The majority of schools teach either the International Programme or The National Curriculum depending on the educational policy of the school and pupil roll numbers vary from as little as 45 children, up to 900 children. Most schools have comprehensive websites with plenty of information and your consultant will be able to fully brief you on the ins and outs of each individual establishment.

Culture / traditions

Although Europe lies within the occidental world, each country emphasises its own individuality through varying politics, art, music, architecture and language. It is therefore essential that you carry out as much research as possible on your destination of choice in order to make your transition to the international world as smooth as possible. A basic grasp or at least a willingness to learn the language is not just an extra string to your bow, it is essential to the success of integration and immersion in the target culture. There really is something for everyone within the rich tapestry that best describes this continent; whether it’s the Mediterranean for sun, sea and coffee on terraces; Eastern Europe for its architecture, Tolstoyan spirit and bohemian soul or Scandinavia for the northern lights and life in a cold, ecological climate. So whatever teaching experience you are looking for, Europe won’t disappoint!

Standard package – Western Europe

Due to the high demand for Western European schools they do offer a different package, for example most schools will not provide accommodation as part of the contract and are unable to offer any sponsorship / work permit for non EU teachers. The package you are likely to expect in Western Europe would include:

• Annual flights
• Salary is usually between 1200–2200 euros per month
• Minimum 1 year contract

Standard package – Eastern Europe

Eastern European schools have a slightly different package structure, this usually includes:

• Annual flights
• Competitive salary
• Medical cover
• Assistance with accommodation
• Assistance with children’s school fees

Other information

Most European International schools are looking for teachers that have had a minimum of 1 year’s solid teaching experience in the UK. Schools now prefer to offer contracts for 2 years so they keep consistency.