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South East Asia
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Teachers have been drawn to this rather exotic part of the world for many years and with the exotic flavours of the Orient, the kaleidoscopic of colours, unique scenery and years of historical culture that South East Asia has to offer visually and culturally, does entice adventurous teachers- it is easy to understand why!

South East Asia and China

To name a few locations: Brunei, China, Korea, Taiwan, Japan, Singapore, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Hong Kong, Japan, Indonesia, Philippines.

The constant growth of both International Schools and English as a Second Language schools in this part of the world means that the numbers of teachers required each year is constantly growing. The different types of schools vary from privately owned international schools; large schools ruin by companies such as The Nord Anglia Group, Government and local government schools and privately owned EAL schools.

The constant growth of both International Kindergartens and Schools offering both the British Curriculum and International Baccalaureate Curriculum as well as English as a Second Language schools,  in this part of the world means that the numbers of teachers required each year is constantly growing. Hays Education – International Recruitment offers many and varied options for teachers who are able to work in small bi-lingual schools, where you can mix with the local children on their own level, through to elite private British international schools which have only expatriate children,  as well as Government contracts. Teachers are requires from early years teachers offering experience with  Crèche, Nursery, Reception, Primary through to Secondary and Further Education Colleges.

Culture / traditions

Rich in culture and heritage, teachers who choose to relocate to the Far East and Asia find themselves being draped in antiquity whilst living contemporary life. This vast region differs from country to country, and so choosing which experience you want to live with can be quite difficult and yet exciting. On the one hand you can live where thousands of years of entrenched ancient ritual blend with pop culture and new technology or you can choose to become a spectacular in a country where amazing economic growth combines with the age-old fascination of such attractions like the Great Wall. Alternatively you can choose a lifestyle a little more relaxed, where your can enjoy national parks, wildlife, beaches and a life more interesting that you would have imagined!

Many schools in South East Asia off Tax Free packages!

You don’t have to work in the Middle East to gain this advantage! There are also many schools offering this benefit in China, Vietnam and Brunei

Standard package

• Paid return flights
• Rent Free furnished Accommodation
• Competitive salary – some tax free
• Medical Insurance
• Baggage Allowance
• Visa and work permits sponsored by schools

Other benefits may include; bonus payments, free meals for teachers, free education for children of teachers, uniform allowances for children, shipping allowances, relocation benefits, annual airfares that can be taken to any location in the world.

Other information

Culturally South East Asia has always believed that Education is extremely important. Study and being successful at school is an ethos many children grow up with from nursery schools. Proof of this lies in the success rates in areas such as Singapore where 90% of graduating Secondary students go onto study at Universities, figures unheard of in the West. Students from Kindergarten to Senior High school are extremely respectful and you may find that many children will automatically stand when a Teacher enters the room. Bad behaviour is rare and a high majority of children are extremely polite and reserved.

Schools have extremely high standards and expect the same from their teachers. Results driven teachers are needed and appropriate school etiquette is essential. Hays Education- International Division will offer candidates info sheets on the various Countries we work so we can assist you with cultural issues you need to know and understand, before you decide to apply.