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The African continuant is vast, beautiful and full of diversity. Teachers choosing to teach in Africa offer themselves up to an experience like never before. The physical and mental landscape change whoever travel there and those who have the chance to live there are imprinted with an amazing life experience.

Africa’s extrodinary geographical features are diverse and range from the tropical wet or rain forest with the all year round snow capped Mount Kilimanjaro to the Sahara which is the largest and the hottest desert on the earth.

We predominantly recruit to Northern and Central Africa as they are very popular destinations and can provide a fascinating and life enriching experience for teachers.

Schools in Africa

Many of the schools we work with, started as very small private schools and have evolved considerably over the years, undertaking ambitious programmes of expansion and development. Many now boast superb facilities and offer a fine institute for employment. Schools in Africa reflect the UK year timetable with the man differences being the times school begins and finishes each day. Usually schools in Africa start earlier in the morning and finish early afternoon.

Culture / traditions

Living in the ‘festival continent’, allows you to appreciate the full extent of this rich African culture, which includes musical, religious, cultural and harvest celebrations that take place on a regular basis.

Africa also has a wealth of arts and crafts, which find expression in a variety of woodcarvings, brass and leather art works. African arts and crafts also include sculpture, paintings, pottery, ceremonial and religious headgear and dress. For the intrpid teacher life admist this developing world can be extrodinary.

Standard package

The schools offer:

• Flights
• Accommodation
• Medical cover
• Varying salaries
• Other benefits depending on school
  (Laptop, Phone, Car and driver etc)

In Northern African countries, such as Sudan many schools offer tax-free salaries and in many of these locations, where there is not a lot to spend your money on, teachers find they are able to save quite a percentage of their salary and also travel in and around Africa.

Other information

Safety is very important and most schools offered secured accommodation and schools. In addition to this, many schools offer secured transport for teachers to easily move about the cities and towns.

Like all international opportunities choosing to teach in Africa is a true-life adventure. Africa is a land whose climate of experience will both humble and enrich you. The land, the people and the culture will be a classroom within themselves and your experience will be come pages of a textbook you will use to teach in the future.