Welcome to Fiserv

Who Fiserv are

Fiserv is the world’s leading provider of technology solutions and services to the retail financial services industry, with around 16,000 clients and approximately 20,000 associates worldwide.

Our division provides leading technology solutions including internet, mobile, and CRM systems (branch/call centre) for banks. We support more than 30 clients in over 14 countries in Europe, Middle East and Africa.

The services we offer for our clients

People who come to Fiserv seeking to solve a business challenge always find more than a technology solution. They find knowledgeable, experienced professionals who are focused on helping our clients benefit from the digital transformation of financial services that is well underway. They find a partner in their success.

We help our clients solve complex business challenges. Maybe they want to grow deposits or do a better job of attracting and retaining customers. Maybe they are fighting fraud or need to get a handle on regulatory compliance. We provide the expertise and tools to help them deal with these types of issues.