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Congregational & General

For over a century, Congregational & General Insurance plc (CGI) has offered insurance solutions to churches and home owners across the UK. The Company’s priorities are to provide good value products and exemplary service through all channels. They have a strong reputation in the insurance market for technical expertise and an ethical approach to business combined with quality service.

As one of the country's most respected insurers of homes and churches, they currently provide cover for approx 200,000 policy holders. A consistent and carefully managed approach to risk selection, together with an increasing commitment to trading through quality intermediaries has resulted in steady sustainable growth within the home insurance market.

The fastest growing area of their business today is amongst private homeowners. To maximise opportunities within this area, a subsidiary company- Integra Insurance Solutions Ltd., was established as a Managed General Agency (MGA) last year.

CGI is wholly-owned by the Congregational & General Charitable Trust which to date has disbursed grants totalling several million pounds to worthy causes. This underpins the organisation’s ethical approach to business.

Integrity, Teamwork and Innovation are at the heart of day to day activities and represent their business values.