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About Beachcroft School PRU

Beachcroft School is the City of Westminster’s Pupil Referral Unit educating and supporting 11-14 year old children who are not educated in mainstream schools. They may have been excluded either permanently or for a fixed term or they may be in danger of exclusion.

The present school is funded for 24 fte places. There is a Head, Deputy and five teachers. We also have a Re-integration Officer, Home School Support Worker, and Learning Support Assistants.

The school is committed to a multi-disciplinary approach and it benefits from an Education Psychologist, a CAHMS worker, and the input of outside agencies such as Social Services, Education Welfare and local and national partnerships that work to support our pupils.

The staff at Beachcroft School are committed to the highest quality provision. We aim to re-engage our pupils into education by focusing on achievement and attainment in all aspects of school life. At Key Stages 1-3 we aim to integrate all our pupils, be that at mainstream or special school.

We work in close partnership with Westminster's schools and we are an important part of Westminster's Children's Services.

Under Building Schools for the Future Beachcroft is moving to larger site and will become an all age provision. We are looking for teachers to be part of this project.

A commitment to supporting vulnerable and challenging youngsters is a must. So is the ability to manage tasks and time, take responsibility and use initiative. Enthusiasm, flexibility, capacity for hard work, calmness under pressure and good interpersonal skills will also be needed. And a sense of humour.

I very much hope you are interested in Beachcroft School and its future.

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