Staff Profiles

Emma Keegan Assistant Head Upper School, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School

Emma "I joined Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School as their Assistant Headteacher 2 years ago, in the midst of their ambitious new building project, an exciting time and place to take the next step in my career. I was immediately struck by how warm and friendly the school community is - the parents and staff have a real common purpose. The school also takes a holistic approach to the children and young people's progress and as such has a strong multi-disciplinary team and some of the best resources for meeting the complex needs of our learners.

I have really enjoyed being able to build links between the school our local community for young people getting ready for adult life, job-carving work-related learning placements and setting up a volunteering programme whereby we get to give back to this exciting city we are at the heart of. There's a great work ethic at Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School that permeates the whole school, not to mention a strong sense of pride at achievements big and small!"

Gill - Higher Learning Teaching Assistant, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School

Gill“I joined the school in 1995, firstly on a voluntary basis, key to my interest of working with special needs children. I was delighted to be later offered full time employment as a General Assistant. I was enthusiastic about my new role, an enthusiasm I have been able to maintain to this day. During my time at the school I have been provided with numerous opportunities to develop my career via training and have been both supported and encouraged to share my new skills with my colleagues. Some of the courses I have undertaken have provided me with a range of specialist skills and accredited qualifications that have elevated my position to a Higher Learning Teaching Assistant. I am also part of the Governing body, an A1 NVQ Assessor and a Well Being Facilitator.

I have always found that the overall environment within the school is both welcoming and friendly and staff support, not only the children, but each other to make it a wonderful community and therefore an enjoyable place to work.”

Jawied Amanyar - ICT Lead, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School

“I joined Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School in January 2012. As with most, the prospect of starting somewhere new did cause some daunting and worrisome thoughts: ‘Will I fit in?’, ‘Will they Like Me?’, ‘Will I make any friends?’, 'Am I ready for this?’, 'Is this place for me?’...

The warm and welcoming staff very quickly dispersed those worries.

One of the first things evident upon entering Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School was the sense of the vibrant and diverse community. The mix of cultures and faiths were celebrated through recognition and genuine acceptance. Having parent governors actively involved the schools activities while offering good and positive contributions was a welcomed treat.

The school offered excellent facilities such as the hydrotherapy pool, sensory rooms and multiple computers in each classroom. These tools offered limitless opportunities in developing lessons and activities for the students to engage in. To compliment the resources, a conscientious and considered training mantra ensured members of staff were skilled and confident in managing the approaches and philosophies, thus helping everyone stay safe while students were continuing to learn.

Having a School Nurse, Physiotherapists, Speech and Language Therapists and Occupational Therapist based on site proved fantastic in helping develop and maintain meaningful strategies.

I found the school ethos to have a refreshing degree of flexibility in structure and outlook while remaining solid in its fundamental philosophy of offering the students the best in opportunities and experiences. Coming in with a variety of skills, I was encouraged to share not only those, but also my view point on existing aspects of the school. Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School showed a great level of openness to new ideas and encouraged creativity not only in developing lesson activities but also in teaching approaches.

I very much appreciated that my initial doubts were so quickly quashed and my enthusiasm positively encouraged. Having had my ideas met with a positive attitude by all certainly made the difference. This at the very least helped me know that Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School is where I wanted to be."

Emily Fedele - Unqualified Teacher, College Park

"I joined College Park School in January 2011 as a teaching assistant with a Music degree. I soon discovered a passion and enthusiasm for teaching, especially in the area of Creative Arts. Through my previous experience from Australia and my enrolment in a Teaching Course, College Park offered me a fantastic opportunity to join the team as an unqualified teacher. I have had helpful, consistent support from the Senior Management Team, as well as the allocation of a mentor. There have also been many opportunities for Professional development in the area of Music. An excellent example of this is the school sending me on a BTEC Music training course which enabled to obtain my OSCA qualification.

College Park is an immensely supportive school with a caring environment, especially with new teachers. All Staff have are driven to educate the children holistically through catering to their individual needs so they can access the curriculum. In my first year I have been able to get involved with many aspects of school life. For example I have been a part of a Music Project with BBC that has allowed students to be a part of a television musical that has been aired on BBC2 and is now used as a teaching tool for many other schools. I am currently partnering with the Royal Academy of Music, Wigmore Hall and The pocket Opera Company to run Music Projects in our school. College Park has been an amazing School to begin my teaching career. The invaluable support system, high standard of teaching and also the friendly, calm environment makes it a truly outstanding school to be a part of."