Welcome to Westminster Special Schools

“Thank you for looking at our recruitment website, we have lots of exciting opportunities at our Special Schools and Outreach Services. We are a newly federated group of two special schools, Queen Elizabeth II Jubilee School (Ofsted graded good 2010) and College Park School (Ofsted graded outstanding 2011) and an Outreach Team of ten teachers with a dedicated training centre. Westminster, Kensington and Chelsea, and Hammersmith and Fulham have a tri–borough Children’s Services provision, which further lends itself to enhanced opportunities for partnerships and shared working across a wide range of provisions.

I was appointed as Executive Headteacher in January 2012, and am thoroughly enjoying working with everyone in developing partnerships between the schools and the Outreach Team. The federation is still in its infancy, but the key components are all here to create a leading example of high quality specialist provision for our pupils, as well as providing unique opportunities for staff professional development. I am passionate about ensuring all pupils receive the best opportunities we can provide and to this end I positively encourage teaching staff to try new ideas and develop their own ideas. This is the way we can develop our very own creative curriculum, which really meets the needs of our young people.

Both schools are based in new/nearly new buildings, and being in Westminster could not be any nearer to the heart of London with all its’ richness of cultures and diversity. Staff are keen, supportive and totally dedicated to ensuring the best for all the pupils they work with and recognise that the new federation will offer them new opportunities to develop their skills, experiences and knowledge.

The dedicated training centre provides our staff with “on the door step” opportunities to receive training from local and national speakers. The Outreach Team work in mainstream schools across Westminster, supporting SENCOs and other staff working with children and young people with SEN in mainstream schools. They also use our Training Centre to deliver a wide range of training courses, supporting not only other staff working in special schools but parents, other professionals and social workers.

At present we are an Alliance School in the Marylebone High Teaching School Alliance and this affords a range of opportunities to share our skills and develop in an even wider range of settings.

We look forward to welcoming you at our Westminster Special Schools.”

Olivia Meyrick - Executive Headteacher

Olivia Meyrick
Executive Headteacher
Westminster Special Schools,
Training and Outreach