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Recruiting for Shadow Chief Operating Officer in Salford

NHS Salford CCG incorporates the city's fifty five practices who provide care for patient population of 240,000. The CCG is the successor organisation to the PBC consortium to which increasing tranches of budgetary have been devolved over the last 4 years. Our population is extremely diverse with some pockets of affluence but others of deprivation, which is higher than average.  Life expectancy for both men and women is lower than the national average. There are disparate life expectancies across the city. There are productive relationships with our key stakeholders, the Local Authority, our foundation trust and our pathfinder HWWB, in addition to significant links with academia.

The NHS currently faces one of its most significant periods of change in recent years, set against an austere economic backdrop and in the glare of sustained political and media scrutiny. The challenge is to radically reform the healthcare landscape whilst maintaining and improving high standards of patient care and safety (delivered closer to home), as well as delivering QIPP savings and value for money healthcare to meet the healthcare needs of an increasing demand from an ageing population.


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