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I welcome the opportunity to introduce this guide, which I hope you will find useful.

The West of England is not alone in facing the challenge of job losses in the public sector in the next few years. And of course behind the general statistics are individuals all facing this challenge to some degree on their own. As someone who has worked in the public sector I know what talented, skilled and experienced people it employs and as chairman of the Local Enterprise Partnership I know that we will need all of that to fill the jobs in the private sector which we are aiming to develop.

The prospect of redundancy is always a daunting one, but we hope that this guide will go some way to helping you make the right decision on what to do next.

There are some really encouraging examples of people who have made the move from public to private sector with enormous success. There is an element of luck in being in the right place for the right job opportunity, but some early thinking about what you really want to do and what you could offer will always help improve your chances.

My thanks to all of our partners but particularly Hays Recruitment and Resource Solutions Group Plc (RSG) for their valuable contribution to this guide.

Best wishes

Colin Skellett

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