Calford Seaden

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What is it that we can do for you?

That was the core concept behind the formation of calfordseaden. It directed the way in which we structured our business and continues to guide our day-to-day attitude and response towards our clients. Offer more, deliver more.

calfordseaden is an integrated, multi-disciplinary organisation that encompasses diverse skills and specialities to provide a comprehensive range of professional services to the UK building and construction industry including:

Chartered surveying
Project management
Architecture & master planning
Civil & structural engineering
Mechanical & electrical engineering
Health & safety

Our commitment

We believe in providing value for money for our clients, and pursue a flexible and innovative approach to the challenges we encounter on their behalf.

We are committed to ethical business practice in every aspect of our operations from our dealings with our customers to the way we manage our people, to respecting and mitigating the environmental impact of our projects.

We operate on a broad-based business platform that encompasses both public and private sector clients to promote sustainable growth and stability. This enables us to continuously invest in the training of our high-calibre personnel and the upgrading of our technological capabilities, benefiting both our clients and ourselves, and allowing us to remain in front of the latest developments in our industries.

David Metcalf, FRICS